LoopLine™ Cord

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This durable cord is used to suspend items in still photography sets, and movie production studios. Hang props in front of your green screen and replace hard-to-work-with steel cable, metal chain, monofilament and string which need to be painted or heavily edited in post-production. No more frustrating knots to tie, ugly lines that ruin your set design, or expensive swaged cable that is used once and thrown away.

• Contains 82-foot (25m) of cord in each spool
• Minimize time needed for compositing in post-production
• Made of synthetic, high-density polymer with a sturdy 25-lb tensile strength
• Easily cut with scissors or knife and no connecting knots to tie
• Secure props to metal ceilings and grids or loop around booms and wire latices
• Patented, self-extinguishing, reusable, and recyclable