Digital Green® Screen 9' x 9' Kit

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This kit contains the essentials you need for successful compositing. It includes both an adjustable backdrop stand and the green screen itself. 

9' x 9' Green Screen:

Composite Components proprietary Digital Green® screens are specially formulated to have the optimal color density, reflectivity and saturation for the cleanest possible composite. CCC screens have been Hollywood’s choice for twenty years, our materials have been used in productions like Life of Pi, Lucy and The Amazing Spiderman. Professional effects supervisors choose Composite Components because of our precise formula of dyes and pigments which yield the optimal color value for the best possible composite. This patented Digital Green® color value blocks the reflection of red and blue light, yielding a highly luminant extremely pure green that can be digitally extracted with cleaner edges and less foreground color distortion. In 1996 The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded us their Scientific and Engineering Academy Award for developing the digital series of traveling matte backings, i.e. Digital Green® and Digital Blue™.  CCC screens can drastically cut the time and expense of rotoscoping and color correcting the poor composites that result from with using low quality screens.
When manufacturing 100 foot screens for large Hollywood productions, we often find ourselves with short pieces of material left over. These smaller 9’ x 9’ and 9’ x 12’ screens have accumulated in our warehouses, but they are far too valuable to discard. For a limited time we are releasing small professional grade green screens at drastically reduced prices for the prosumer market.

Material: Stretchable Nylon Spandex

Measurements: The fabric is cut at 8’ x 8’ and is stretchable to 9’ x 9’ when rigged. Sizes are given both in terms of fabric and frame, meaning that the screens are cut slightly smaller than the frame so that the fabric will stretch to form a flat, wrinkle-free surface

Rigging: Our screens are shipped with a single pipe pocket on one end so that it can be hung on a backdrop stand. We also sell clips which can be used to stretch the fabric and tie off onto any type of stand or rig. 

Backdrop Stand: 

The backdrop stand will suspend an entire 9' x 9' screen, and it will hold a 9' x 12' screen with a cove at the bottom. The crossbar, composed of 3 parts, has a width adjustable from min 4 ft to max 10 ft. The stand extends to a from 4 ft to a maximum of 10 ft vertical height. It assembles and disassembles quickly and easily into a small canvas carrying case.