Digital Green® / Digital Blue™ Costumes


Form fitting costumes including gloves, hoods, leotard, tights and booties are used for matting out people such as puppeteers and in scenes where, for example, one actor plays two parts or actors are replaced by CG characters. The nylon fabric used in our costumes is quite durable - neither the fabric nor the stitching will run when cut. Edges will not fray, and are left unfinished to ensure a smooth fit. Costumes stretch and should be very close fitting to eliminate as many wrinkles as possible. Legs and arms are deliberately left long - they may be cut off at the appropriate length. Hoods feature mesh fabric over the eyes so the actor can see and breathe. Rental costumes may be returned unlaundered after one or two uses, but purchased costumes or those needed for longer shoots may be washed in a regular washing machine in cold water with Woolite® on a gentle cycle. Use fabric softener to reduce static electricity. Machine dry on low heat. (Some deodorants leave an orange stain on the leotard. If this happens, pre-treat the stain with diluted Woolite® and wash the whole garment as quickly as possible.) DO NOT DRY CLEAN!