Digital Green® / Digital Blue™ Paints

Composite Components proprietary Digital Green® and Digital Blue™ paints are specially formulated to have the optimal color density, reflectivity and saturation for the cleanest possible composite. CCC paints have been Hollywood’s choice for twenty years, our materials have been used in productions like Life of Pi, Lucy and The Amazing Spiderman. Professional effects supervisors choose Composite Components because of our precise formula of dyes and pigments which yield a very specific color value in our paint. This patented Digital Green® color value blocks the reflection of red and blue light, yielding an extremely pure green that can be digitally extracted with cleaner edges and less foreground color distortion. In 1996 The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded us their Scientific and Engineering Academy Award for the technological achievement of developing the digital series of traveling matte backings, i.e. Digital Green® and Digital Blue™. CCC paint can drastically cut the time and expense of rotoscoping and color correcting the poor composites that result from with using low quality paint. Digital Green®, Digital Blue™ (for film), Digital Video Blue™ (for NTSC Broadcast Video), and Digital Red™ brand traveling matte paints are formulated to provide a close match to our fabric screens. Paint is available in one, two, and five gallon buckets. Digital Series™ paints are ideal for large stages or virtual sets and are often used to provide a matching floor surface to a vertically rigged screen.

ESTIMATING PAINT COVERAGE: Coverage obtained from any paint is highly dependent upon surfaces to be painted, preparation of the surface, and painting techniques used by the paint crew. We highly recommend that you discuss your painting needs with an experienced paint foreman before ordering paint for your project. For purposes of budgeting, we believe that you can assume one gallon of our traveling matte backing paint will cover 200 square feet of properly prepared surface (cyc wall or muslin sealed with a standard white primer). One gallon of paint to 150 square feet should give two coats of coverage. (Your experience may vary - some production companies have reported getting only 130 square feet to the gallon for two coats; others have improved on our estimate of 150 square feet.) Download the Digital Paint Label Instructions (.pdf), the Safety Data Sheet for Paint (.pdf), and Hints for a successful paint job (.pdf). There is a 15% restocking fee for unopened buckets.