SMPTE Papers

Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, Inc., published papers and lectures:


The "Esmeralda" Stage: An Analytical Test Laboratory for Image Acquisition (.pdf)  150th SMPTE Conference, Hollywood, CA, October 30, 2008 Authors, Jonathan and Kay Erland, presentation by Jonathan Erland


High Speed Emulsion Stress Syndrome (.pdf) 134th SMPTE Conference, Toronto, Canada Paper #64, Session C, November 12, 1992, by Jonathan Erland


Front Projection: Tessellating the Screen (.pdf) From the SMPTE Journal, March 1986 Issue, Volume 95, Number 3, by Jonathan Erland


Blue-Max High-Power Blue Flux Projector for Large Scale Bluescreen Composite Photography (.pdf) From the SMPTE Journal, November 1985 Issue, Volume 94, Number 11, by Jonathan Erland    

Reverse or Negative Blue Screen Traveling Matte Process (.pdf) From the SMPTE Journal, March 1983 Issue, Volume 92, Number 3, by Jonathan Erland