“Kay Erland and Composite Components have helped us create the best green screen option in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Their responsiveness and willingness to help allows us to be flexible and accommodating to our own clients.  We have no hesitation painting a 55’x23’x16’ cyc wall for our clients because we know that Composite Components product will quickly get us back to a true digital green. And Kay’s willingness to ship same day means no lag time between projects.”

-Joe Olivas, General Manager Redman Movies and Stories


"I always specify Composite Components screens and materials on any show on which I work.  There are some "me-too" products out there which can work OK under some circumstances, but CCC products are 100% reliable all the time. Almost any material can be made to work with good monochromatic illuminators but at the cost of efficiency. As an example, some 'digital green' screens from other makers have an OK color but are much less efficient.  The fixture rental cost differential can be large when a big screen must be lit on the stage. Any time you must shoot the actor on a green or blue set, the demands on the software are high because the white light on the screen produces a less-than-ideal color.  Here I have found Composite Component screens and paint to be essential to produce the best quality result."

-Bill Taylor ASC


"I’ve used Composite Components green and blue materials since they were first introduced. The purity of chroma value in their screen and paint materials has far surpassed anything else. In the current rush of production and sheer volume of visual effects, their screens will consistently deliver the best keying abilities one can achieve. I have used some rather sketchy green materials in many different countries, surprising VFX artists with comparisons. Everyone I’ve encountered has changed their green/blue fabric and paint to CCC materials. A funny story: I was teaching a VFX cinematography workshop in Brazil. We tried to use a green paint the studio had. It was a color copied at a local hardware store from a popular 'digital' paint. I did a comparison test between the local paint and Composite Components digital green. Hands down better keying with the CCC green. But the real surprise was the difference in cost. The local hardware store 'digital' green was more than double the cost of imported CCC green!"

-Les Bernstien Visual Effects Cinematographer


"I've used a bunch of different 'green screens' over the years and nothing even comes close to Composite Component's screen. Side by side with other green screens it makes others look like a dark forest green. Not only is it so vivid but it's 10x easier to light than any other screen I've used. Often times I can get away with only one light and not only is it enough light for a 12x12 screen but it's also really even. Sometimes I actually have to shut off the lights for the screen itself and just let the spill from the scene light it so it's not over exposed. Everyone I've worked with in the industry who uses it tells me how amazing it is. And as a VFX artist pulling keys is a cake walk. Honestly one of the best purchases I've ever made."

- Nathan William FrameWork