The development of the digital series traveling matte backing system won the founders of CCC an Academy Award in 1996

Color quality is assured by testing the screens with a densitometer after every rental

CCC patents secure exclusive rights to the optimal colors for cleaner digital composites.



CCC Offers:

  • Green/Blue Screen Backdrops
  • Digital Green®/Blue™ Paint
  • Digital Green®/Blue™ Costumes
  • Fabric and Accessories to Match


We are excited to announce that the co-founder of Composite Components, Jonathan Erland, has received the Gordon E. Sawyer Award (an Oscar® statuette) from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The Gordon E. Sawyer Award has been awarded to only 22 people since its creation in 1981, and honors  technological contributions that have brought credit to the industry.

Composite Components Company

Based in LA, California, we provide the filmmaker and videographer with a systematic and comprehensive approach to state of the art “traveling matte” or chroma key composite photography. Our trademark products are our patented, Academy Award winning, Digital Series™ including: Digital Green®, Digital Blue™, Digital Video Blue™ and Digital Red™ fabric screen backdrops and paints. Our green, red, and blue photography backgrounds are a perfect complement for such sophisticated matte extraction systems as Ultimatte® and Primatte®. Our green screen backdrops stretch and are wrinkle resistant, making them great for portability. We sell and rent our green screens to customers throughout the world and are happy to answer any questions you may have at (323) 257-1163.

Composite Components Company

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