Fabric Backings and Accessories

In 1996 The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded us their Scientific and Engineering Academy Award for the technological achievement of developing the digital series of traveling matte backings, i.e. Digital Green® and Digital Blue™.

Composite Components proprietary Digital Green® and Digital Blue™ screens are specially formulated to have the optimal color density, reflectivity and saturation for the cleanest possible composite. CCC screens have been Hollywood’s choice for twenty years, our materials have been used in productions like Life of Pi, Lucy and The Amazing Spiderman. Professional effects supervisors choose Composite Components because of our precise formula of dyes and pigments which yield a very specific color value on our screens. Our patented Digital Green® color value blocks the reflection of red and blue light, yielding an extremely pure green that can be digitally extracted with cleaner edges and less foreground color distortion Digital Green®, Digital Blue™ (for film), Digital Video Blue™ (for NTSC Broadcast video), and Digital Red™ brand traveling matte screens are fabricated in nylon spandex material. The screens are available for rental or purchase in a variety of sizes, and screens can be made to order to meet specific requirements. The screens pack very compactly and have been shipped around the world, to locations in Prague, Rome, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, and Israel, as well as Canada and Mexico. Click for images of the screens at work. The high luminance and chroma of the Digital backings make them the ideal method for location exterior matting in daylight.



Screens lend themselves to a variety of rigging methods. They can be overlapped to fill a wide space, coved onto the floor and/or tied into a frame. Our garter snap ties can be moved to accommodate irregular shapes or ensure a tight fit into a frame. Digital fabrics also work well as underwater backings and can be illuminated from either front or rear or both. Flag and sandbag covers, cable sleeves and covers for motion control pylons and other set pieces are available or may be made to order.